Shifting Tides: How CEOs Navigate Today's Challenges

Shifting Tides: How CEOs Navigate Today's Challenges



To navigate the tides of change, leadership is crucial. As technology disrupts, dismisses, and reinvents entire sectors, the demands on CEOs are greater than ever before. Today's definition of success goes far beyond a leader's own company—it requires CEOs to engage in society and address such pressing issues as privacy, sustainability and inequality. Join chief executives from a cross-section of iconic companies as they discuss the evolution of their roles within the company, the economy, and society at large.

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Andy Serwer
Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Finance



Robert Bakish
President and CEO, Viacom Inc.


Carmine Di Sibio
Global Chairman and CEO-elect and Global Managing Partner-Client Service, EY


Jeffrey L. Harmening
Chairman of the Board and CEO, General Mills


Barbara Humpton
CEO, Siemens USA


David M. Solomon
Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs