Representation in American Art: Inclusion and Social Change

Representation in American Art: Inclusion and Social Change



It is often said that artists mirror society and the political conditions of everyday life in their work, yet looking back, we know that many collections represent the likes of their patrons. However, the nationality, ethnicity, and gender of the artist also play a role. When it comes to art history, the traditional canon has not necessarily been very inclusive. So how are the histories of art being rewritten today? Are the stories of different communities being retold and why is it important that we learn from this realignment? We will look at the role of the artist in representing the nation and influencing the debate on migration, inclusion, and societal change.

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Princess Alia Al-Senussi

Advisor, Arts and Culture, Milken Institute; UK and MENA Representative, Art Basel



Neil Bluhm

Managing Director, LAMB Partners


Charles Gaines



Joanne Heyler

Founding Director, The Broad; Director and Chief Curator, The Broad Art Foundation


Kristin Sakoda

Executive Director, Los Angeles County Arts Commission