The Hedge-Fund Shakeout

The Hedge-Fund Shakeout



With more than $3 trillion in assets—and the freedom to invest opportunistically worldwide—hedge funds have become one of the most important market-moving forces of the last few decades. Yet it is no secret that the environment has become more competitive and challenging to generate alpha than ever before. This panel brings together leaders in the hedge-fund industry to discuss what it takes to survive and thrive. Strong returns are no longer enough to achieve scale, and scale itself is no guarantee of success. Panelists will discuss how to build an entity that is durable across resources, talent, and returns from the perspective of top founder, limited partner (LP), and headhunter.

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Erik Schatzker
Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Television



Gerald Beeson
Chief Operating Officer, Citadel


Eddie Fishman
Managing Director and Executive Committee Member, The D. E. Shaw Group


John McCormick
President and CEO, Hedge Fund Solutions Group, Blackstone Group


Jeremy Schiffman
Founder and Managing Partner, Palestra Capital Management


Ilana Weinstein
Founder and CEO, The IDW Group LLC


Published May 31, 2019