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Satya Rocha

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Consciousness Activist; Founder, Working With Satya, Ancient Wisdom and Modern Therapy
Satya _

Satya is a consciousness activist, who has dedicated the last 15 years to expanding and evolving human consciousness. Throughout this time, she has facilitated transformative retreats for over 60 000 individuals worldwide.

As the founder of Working With Satya and of the Awareness Facilitator School, Satya has developed an holistic approach that combines modern therapeutic techniques, with ancient wisdom. Her method integrates meditation, breath work, primal work, trauma healing, bioenergetics, energy reading, exposure work and ancient rituals and is currently being used to train facilitators around the world.


Satya has travelled extensively in search of the most ancient healing methods and the immense wisdom that still resides within indigenous tribes. She received teachings from indigenous people, and now she carries their traditions, and bridging ancient wisdom and its medicine - sacred plants and natural psychedelics - with modern therapy to support the needs and intentions of all who seek her guidance.

Satya has been invited to speak on the topics of mental health and consciousness at United Nations events and is a highly sought-after guest speaker at universities and conferences.

Satya is currently launching a nature reserve in Peru, which will become a center for healing, evolution of consciousness, and preservation of our habitat.

Satya is deeply committed to the evolution of consciousness in humanity because it is the key for the development of a new global society whose focus is not on individuality but on the well-being of all.