Investing in a New Generation of China

Investing in a New Generation of China



As China booms as a technology leader, where do the opportunities lie? As the world's second-largest economy pivots into an account deficit from a surplus, what are the forces and trends that shape this new economy—with China as a consumer as opposed to a manufacturer? How will it deal with a rapidly aging population and a new world order? And where do the opportunities for investment exist—as well as the risks?

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Timothy Dattels
Co-Managing Partner, TPG Capital Asia; Chairman, Asia Center, Milken Institute



Goodwin Gaw
Chairman, Managing Principal, Member of Investment Committee and Founder, Gaw Capital Partners


Jin Qiu
Chief Investment Officer, Wealth Service Centre, CICC


Jason Tan
Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Jeneration Capital


Jonathan Woetzel
Director, McKinsey Global Institute; Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company


Yibing Wu
Joint Head, Enterprise Development Group; Head, China, Temasek


Published May 29, 2019