Gaming Breaks Into the Mainstream

Gaming Breaks Into the Mainstream



If you think video gamers are just a bunch of teenage boys clicking all day on their computers, you had better THINK AGAIN. This outdated picture has been replaced by a diverse international world of gamers playing on mobile, PC, and consoles in everything from eSports competitions to mixed reality universes with a vast array of heroes, stories, and settings. The industry is growing exponentially, having topped $116 billion in revenues in 2017. What will gaming conquer next? Where is it growing the fastest? Who are the gamers of tomorrow?

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Dean Takahashi
Lead Writer, GamesBeat, VentureBeat

Kathee Chimowitz
Chief Revenue Officer, BoomBit Games

Emily Greer
Co-Founder and CEO, Kongregate

Peter Levin
President, Interactive Ventures, Games & Digital Strategy, Lionsgate

Frank Soqui
Vice President and General Manager of Virtual Reality, Computing Group, Intel Corporation

Published July 4, 2018