China, Architect of a New Global Order?

China, Architect of a New Global Order?



Under the growing spotlight of global attention, the Chinese government and its state-owned enterprises are laying the foundations for a new global order: a network of trade, economic and financial relations that flow through Beijing and Shanghai instead of Washington, New York and London. It’s global expansion, the Chinese way. Our panelists will delve into these new networks and what it means for businesses and the global economy to explain China’s holistic view of global expansion. Questions will include:

What do businesses and governments stand to gain or lose from China's new global role as well as its massive internal market?
What could this mean for global and geopolitical stability?

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Haslinda Amin, News Correspondent and Anchor, Bloomberg Television

Lawrence Ho, Chairman and CEO, Melco Resorts & Entertainment
Elaine La Roche, Senior Advisor, China International Capital Corporation U.S. Securities, Inc.
Mike Perlis, CEO and Executive Chairman, Forbes Media
Qi Bin , Executive Vice President, China Investment Corporation

Published July 17, 2017