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Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change


At the Milken Institute, as part of our mission to help people build meaningful lives, we work to ensure an environmentally sustainable future. Across each of the Milken Institute centers, we have robust content and programming to transform the food system access to healthy food, promote access to affordable power and clean water, and advance public-private partnerships that promote resiliency and climate equity. Key initiatives include:

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Making Net-Zero Possible
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Energy Transition and Capital Markets

To deliver a Net-Zero carbon world by 2050, the world will need to dramatically decrease greenhouse gas emissions and transform the way business is conducted. For over a decade, MI’s Global Capital Markets Advisory Council (GCMAC) has provided Chief Investment Officers (CIOs) of the largest pension funds, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, state and corporate treasuries, single-family offices, and sovereign wealth funds with a private forum to discuss the opportunities and challenges. GCMAC represents more than $28 trillion in assets under management.

Climate Resilient Infrastructure

In the US alone, an estimated $27 trillion in new infrastructure financing will be needed to build long-term resilience and equitable growth by 2050. The Institute’s Climate Resilient Infrastructure Financing Initiative brings together cross-sectoral leaders to identify key capacity gaps and provide direct technical assistance through our Community Infrastructure Center. The goal—help 10,000 underserved communities advance locally led climate infrastructure projects in the next 3–5 years.

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Risk Management

With a preeminent network of capital providers, data scientists and financial services professionals, the Milken Institute helps facilitate conversations to define and analyze financially material investment risks and design management plans to ensure that companies and communities are protected against future shocks to their long-term resiliency.

Food Systems

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of issues that impact finance and health, the Institute’s Feeding Change work activates social and financial capital, engages policymakers and industry leaders, and convenes key stakeholders to catalyze a more nutritious, equitable, sustainable, and resilient food system.

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