December 2020: Happy Holidays from the Center for Strategic Philanthropy



December 2020: Happy Holidays from the Center for Strategic Philanthropy

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The ubiquity of the coronavirus exposed fundamental, systemic disparities across all sectors and throughout communities worldwide. The vulnerable became even more vulnerable, and important progress in medical and environmental research stalled. While our pre-COVID-19 normal was clearly broken, this crisis brings an opportunity to scrutinize the landscape and course-correct to something better.

For philanthropists, as we look back on the year that was and ahead to what can be, this is the moment to keep the big picture in mind and be innovative in the ways we help nonprofits and research institutions weather the storm and rebuild. Philanthropy has a long history of facilitating this kind of systemic change—which is why we've focused 2020 on expanding our work and creating the resources needed to help philanthropy take action.

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 Events Roundup

COVID-19 forced us apart, but we still managed to gather, share information, and learn from each other via the Milken Institute's events. Below are highlights from our philanthropy-focused sessions at the Middle East and North Africa Summit, the Milken Institute Summer Series, the Milken Institute Global Conference, and the Future of Health Summit. Videos of the Institute's events, sessions, and webinars are available for view any time on our website.



Philanthropist's Field Guide

Philanthropist's Field Guide image

Every stage of a donor's philanthropic journey has its unique challenges and opportunities. While there are lots of resources to help, there is almost too much information to sift through. There are many startup-focused details to consider and decisions to make around areas of focus in the early stages. For experienced philanthropists, learning how to measure impact and what impacts matter can be challenging to discern. In response to the demand for digestible information that is relevant to donors at all levels and stages of giving, CSP created the Philanthropist's Field Guide. This resource builds on our previously released report, "Stepping off the Sidelines." The Field Guide is a continually updated resource, so check back regularly. It's free and available for all to explore. Contact CSP at any time with questions.

 COVID-19 Resources

CSP Philanthropy

This year, CSP created a series of reports examining the ways philanthropy can lead strategic initiatives to rebuild better health, education, infrastructure, and other critical systems in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Across all of these areas of giving, there are ways to ensure young people, women, and Black and brown communities can recover from pandemic-related setbacks. Visit our COVID-19 resource page for the series and for a hub for individuals looking to mitigate the crisis's immediate and long-term effects.

 The Philanthropy Commons

Philanthropy commons image

When the pandemic was first declared, leaders from Schmidt Futures and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation authored an article that pointed to the philanthropy sector's lack of ability to coordinate and pool resources in a time of crisis. Just a few months later, with pilot funding from the Moore Foundation, CSP, together with Schmidt Futures and the Open Research Funders Group, have launched The Philanthropy Commons, a platform to streamline coordination among foundations and major philanthropists who want to give resources to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. Contact us for more information.

 In Focus: CSP and Our Partners in the News

  1. The REAM Foundation's Misophonia Research Fund announced grant recipients for 2020.   

  2. Director Cara Altimus and Biomedical Associate Elena Helmers-Wegman wrote a Giving Compass article about philanthropic investments to prevent and prepare for future pandemics.

  3. Melissa Stevens and Senior Associate Hilary McConnaughey co-authored an article on how to use the Philanthropist's Field Guide to make strategic decisions.

  4. Last-minute philanthropy can still be strategic. Learn how in this article by Melissa Stevens.

Philanthropy has been a light in a year that will unfortunately be remembered as a time of darkness. While we’ll all be enduring this storm for some time to come, philanthropy can lead us to something better for people and for the planet. Thank you for all you’ve been doing and for your support.     

Published December 15, 2020