The Philanthropy Commons

The Philanthropy Commons

Coordinating philanthropic efforts to rebuild a better world.


Navigating philanthropy can be complicated and overwhelming at the best of times. It has become even more so now that the social and economic needs are as great as they are because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A rapid, flexible philanthropic response is needed, but to date, a structure or platform for coordinating and collaborating to address crisis situations had never been created. 

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has provided pilot funding for a new platform for collaboration. Together, Schmidt Futures, the Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy and the Open Research Funders Group are co-leading a working group to facilitate a new level of sustained collaboration between institutional and individual philanthropies. The Philanthropy Commons is a resource for donors looking to share information about COVID-19 giving opportunities, learn from other stakeholders, coordinate to meet immediate needs or invest in systems change.



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