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Human Capital in the New Age of Automation

2024 Global Conference

Human Capital in the New Age of Automation

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM PDT

In an era where automation and AI technologies are rapidly redefining the business and employment landscape, this panel will explore how asset owners and investors can ensure that their portfolio companies not only embrace the changes inherent in the "Great Workforce Transition," but also efficiently internalize the associated risks and opportunities. Drawing inspiration from recent taskforces on climate and nature-related disclosures, this discussion will delve into the emerging need for a disclosure framework to help manage the disruptions. Such a framework will help asset allocators assess and influence their portfolio companies' readiness for the workforce changes brought about by new technologies. Panelists will discuss strategies that foster sustainable, forward-thinking business models that balance innovation, while taking the workforce into consideration and ensuring that their investment decisions contribute to a resilient and adaptable business ecosystem. 

Amy Wilkinson
CEO, Ingenuity
Jeff Schwartz
Vice President of Insights and Impact, Gloat; Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School
Judy Wade
Head of Strategy Execution and Relationship Management, CPP Investments
Michael Zeltkevic
Managing Partner, Global Head of Capabilities, Oliver Wyman