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Global Investors' View: China (Invite only)

Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Global Investors' View: China (Invite only)
2023 Global Conference
2023 Global Conference

Global Investors' View: China (Invite only)

Tuesday, May 2, 2023
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM PDT
Beverly Hilton - Maple

Are global investors more cautious or optimistic about China’s investment prospects? While the potential to generate returns across various sectors, booming wealth, and its large markets remain lucrative, there continues to be lingering structural and policy challenges that are making some investors think twice about their China investments. How are global investors thinking about and restructuring their China strategies given the current operating climate? Which sectors are particularly tricky, and which might be open to greater investments in the year ahead?

Wenchi Yu
Fellow, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School; Host, TVBS News
Goodwin Gaw
Chairman, Managing Principal and Co-Founder, Gaw Capital Partners
Jingdong Hua
Vice Chair, International Sustainability Standards Board
Ming Liao
Managing Partner, Prospect Avenue Capital
Annabelle Yu Long
Founding and Managing Partner, Bertelsmann Asia Investments