Using Music to Make the World a Better Place

Using Music to Make the World a Better Place



How do the most influential voices in music drive awareness, stimulate change, and create legacies beyond their lyrics? Hear from some of the most influential, prolific, and powerful figures in the music industry today whose songs and projects are driving efforts to create global change in health, education, safety, immigration, gender equality, disaster relief, and climate change.

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Doug Herzog, Former President, Viacom Music and Entertainment Group

Hugh Evans, CEO, Global Citizen
Michael Lang, Producer and Artistic Manager; Co-Creator, Woodstock Music & Art Festival
Harvey Mason, Jr., Founder and CEO, Hundredup Entertainment; Award-Winning Songwriter; Music, Film and Television Producer
French Montana, Artist; Global Citizen Ambassador For Global Health
Diane Warren, Award-Winning Songwriter

Published April 27, 2018