MENA: Building the Next FinTech Hub

MENA: Building the Next FinTech Hub



The MENA region today is prioritizing financial services as it attempts to move away from a resource-dependent economic structure. So far, the region has attracted less than two percent of global FinTech investments. But pioneering policymakers have been laying the groundwork for more flexible regulation while various MENA governments have created sandboxes for financial firms to test their products and services in a live environment. Is the region on the right path to becoming a leading FinTech hub? What can MENA regulators learn from other regions, and what can the world learn from MENA?

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George Hay

Associate Editor, Reuters Breakingviews



Marcelo Giugale

Director, Financial Advisory and Banking, The World Bank


Ben Lawsky

Head of Regulatory Affairs, NYDIG; Former New York Superintendent of Financial Services


Khalid Saad

CEO, Bahrain FinTech Bay


Richard Teng

CEO, Financial Services Regulatory Authority, Abu Dhabi Global Market

Published May 23, 2019