Live Entertainment Embraces Immersive Technologies

Live Entertainment Embraces Immersive Technologies



Noted thought leaders will discuss the innovations that are changing the face of live entertainment from both experiential and business-model perspectives. The sector is a nexus of a number of trends: Gen Z prioritizing "experiences" over other needs, new technologies leveraging rich and immersive experiences, and innovative monetization opportunities. Media companies are reinventing themselves as they develop and deploy transformational technologies. Hear how they are changing the architecture of their businesses as they balance data-driven experiences with respect for personal privacy.

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Arjun Metre
Co-Founder, Pragya Ventures; Senior Managing Director, Sapinda



Erik Anderson
Executive Chairman, Topgolf Entertainment Group


James Carwana
Vice President, Intel Capital; General Manager, Intel Sports


Cary Granat
CEO, Immersive Artistry


Assia Grazioli
CEO and Co-Founder, Muse Capital; Board of Directors, Juventus Football Club


Markus Leitsch
Co-Founder, Hitbox Entertainment


Lauren Selig
Founder, Shake and Bake Productions