The International Business of Sports

The International Business of Sports



While the world's great sports games have endured for generations, the business of sports is morphing along with everything else that technology touches. From the multiplying platforms where games are watched to hyper-sophisticated marketing strategies, old-school industry wisdom must adjust to unforeseen terrain. American sports leagues and owners are increasingly looking overseas to broaden their investments, and at the same time, international players continue making an outsized impact in the U.S., most recently Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Major League Soccer and Shohei Ohtani in Major League Baseball. How are revenue streams changing? Where are the best investment opportunities of the future in the sports ecosystem?


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Shelley Smith
Correspondent, ESPN SportsCenter


Dan Beckerman

Todd Boehly

Chairman and CEO, Eldridge Industries

Chris Park

Executive Vice President, Products and Marketing, Major League Baseball

Vivek RanadivéOwner and Chairman, Sacramento Kings 

Published July 5, 2018