India Ahead: The Outlook for Business and Finance

Asia Summit 2019

India Ahead: The Outlook for Business and Finance



India continues to command considerable optimism from the global business and investment communities. The Modi-led government has promised to introduce 'big-bang' economic reforms aimed at enticing investors and continue its efforts in strengthening bilateral relations with other nations. However, this phase of rapid growth comes at a time when the country faces a host of internal challenges such as rising unemployment, a population boom, ethnic tensions, security issues, and increased expectations for technological and infrastructural development. How are investors reacting to Modi's new mandate and planned policy reforms? Which sectors and industries are attracting fresh financing? What is the outlook of doing business in India?

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Reuben Abraham

CEO and Senior Fellow, IDFC Institute; Milken Institute Asia Fellow



Nishith Desai

Founder, Nishith Desai Associates


Kiran Kumar Grandhi

Corporate Chairman, GMR Group


Vikram Limaye

Managing Director and CEO, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.


Neel Raheja

Group President and Director, K. Raheja Corp


Bhakti Vithalani

Founder and CEO, BigSpring

Published September 28, 2019