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September 30 at 12 pm SGT | The Future of Cuisine

September 30 at 12 pm SGT | The Future of Cuisine

COVID-19 all but grounded the food industry. With restaurants shuttered and tourism at a standstill, many chefs and restauranteurs took the time to reflect, rethink, and even restart businesses, not just to survive, but to thrive. Now, as the pandemic subsides, what do today's top chefs see as the future of cuisine? How are chefs and restauranteurs reigniting the passion for new food culture in a transformed world? 

Opening Remarks

Melissa Stevens
Executive Vice President, Philanthropy, Milken Institute


Veronica Phua
Foodie and Digital Content Creator


Daniel Boulud
Chef and Restaurateur

Nobu Matsuhisa
Chef and Restaurateur

Wolfgang Puck
Chef and Restaurateur


Belinda Chng
Senior Director, Asia Center, Milken Institute