COVID-19 Community Explorer

The MI COVID-19 Community Explorer provides a simple way to explore geographic clusters of communities affected by the pandemic and their socioeconomic, demographic, and health-related features. 
The counties are clustered into eight community profiles:

1. The most ethnically diverse community with the highest income level. It is a highly educated cohort that resides in large metro areas (38 percent of the US population).

2. Highly educated, economically prosperous, mostly White counties in metro areas (25 percent of the US population).

3. The largest Black population, whose income is the lowest income of all the profiles. These counties are primarily concentrated in the Southeast (12 percent of the US population).

4. The largest White population with the lowest income of all the profiles. It encompasses mostly rural counties in the East North Central and Northeast regions (7 percent of the US population).

5. Predominantly White counties whose economy depends mostly on manufacturing and are located around the Midwest region (6 percent of the US population).

6. The youngest cohort of the profiles, with the largest Hispanic population, the least education level, and the lowest level of access to healthy food and health insurance. The counties are concentrated in the West and western South-Central regions (5 percent of the US population).

7. The oldest cohort of the profiles and consists of mostly White, elderly retirement communities (4 percent of the US population).

8. The most rural cohort made of an older White population with the most limited access to healthy food of all the profiles. The counties are mostly in the north part of the West, Midwest, and Northeast regions (3 percent of the US population). 


Community Characteristics of US Counties 

Our interactive map provides a simple but informative way for users to gain necessary insights into what makes communities more vulnerable. 

100 Most Affected Communities 

While communities with a greater elderly, Black, or Hispanic population may be more impacted by COVID-19, the Community Explorer displays additional factors that coexist with race and age. Understanding how underlying socioeconomic variables and demographic information (including race and age) interact may be the key to identifying which communities are most vulnerable to COVID-19.


Key Health and Social Characteristics of the Most and Least Affected Counties 

This table tilts the focus from analyzing all 2,844 counties nationwide to looking at the key health and social characteristics of the 100 most-affected counties and the 500 least affected counties. 


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