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Recommendations to Build a Dementia-Capable Workforce and System amid COVID-19

To address the impact that the COVID-19 virus is having on people living with dementia and their caregivers, this brief analyzes recent policy and funding updates and puts forward the following actionable recommendations to build a COVID-19 ready, dementia-capable workforce:

  1. Increase funding for the Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program to build geriatric knowledge across the care system and improve understanding of how age-related diseases impact COVID-19

  2. Provide age-friendly care for older adults with dementia to reduce risk and limit exposure to COVID-19

  3. Develop and train workers to manage COVID-19 for people living with dementia in long-term care facilities

  4. Increase the cultural competency of the workforce to meet the needs of diverse older adults with dementia who are at increased risk from COVID-19

  5. Provide family caregivers with the tools, information, and support to meet the unique challenges of caring for people living with dementia during this pandemic