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Computational Biology

About Computational Biology

The research and health ecosystem has entered an era where vast amounts of biological and clinical data are continuously generated. Integrating, analyzing, and understanding these data are only possible with computational tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Incorporating such tools across the biomedical ecosystem has great promise to further the understanding of biological mechanisms, advance translational research, and enhance clinical care for better patient outcomes. 

The field of computational biology sits at the nexus of biology, big data, and computer science. The principles of AI intersect with the larger discipline of computational biology. Methods and approaches use mathematical modeling, simulations, analytics, statistical methods, and algorithm development to address biology-based questions. 

The application of computational tools can revolutionize how to study, prevent, and treat human disease. However, the unique nature of the biomedical ecosystem brings specific challenges that must be overcome before the promise of these tools to help people live longer and healthier lives can be fully realized.

The Biswas Family Foundation partnered with the Milken Institute Science Philanthropy Accelerator for Research and Collaboration (SPARC) in 2023 to conduct a comprehensive review of the computational biology field and identify areas of opportunity for philanthropy to advance the integration of computational tools in biomedical research and clinical care. 

Using the findings and insights from this analysis, which are published in Transformative Computational Biology, a Giving Smarter Guide, the Biswas Family Foundation developed the Transformative Computational Biology Grant Program, which is focused on accelerating the use of computational approaches in translational research and clinical settings to improve the well-being and health of the global community.

Funded Research


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In the first cycle of the Transformative Computational Biology Grant Program, the Biswas Family Foundation will fund five multidisciplinary research teams across the US for almost $14 million over three years. The funded grants aim to leverage computational approaches and AI within biomedical research for improved disease diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about the 2024 Grant Awardees