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Sustaining Food for the Future

2024 Global Conference

Sustaining Food for the Future

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM PDT

We are entering a new era for producing food that is sustainable for businesses and the planet even as it pleases consumers. The new nutrition environment is both challenging and exhilarating as experts invest time and ingenuity in devising creative solutions in kitchens, restaurants, and farms to provide the most nourishing tomorrow possible. Advances in technology and research, in the shadow of heightened necessity, contributed to finding new ways to nourish ourselves while preserving the health of our planet. Join experts who will discuss the latest in this space, along with what's to come as related to all aspects of food and sustainability. 

Dana Cowin
Founder, Progressive Hedonist; Former Editor-in-Chief, Food & Wine
Joanne Canady-Brown
Owner, The Gingered Peach, Melba Ice Creamery and Rojo's Roastery
Aaron Choi
Founder and CEO, Girl & Dug Farm
Michael Cimarusti
Chef and Owner, Providence and Connie and Ted's
Rose Previte
Founder, No White Plates; Author, “Maydān: Recipes from Lebanon and Beyond”