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The Next Wave of Immunotherapy and Cancer Treatments

2024 Global Conference

The Next Wave of Immunotherapy and Cancer Treatments

Monday, May 6, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Harnessing the body’s own immune system has revolutionized the treatment of several refractory cancers, from melanoma and lymphoma to certain lung and liver cancers. In 2018, Drs. James Allison, US, and Tasuku Honjo, Japan, shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discoveries that led to the development of cancer therapy by a process termed inhibition of negative immune regulation, which enables a patient’s own immune system to block encroachment by certain malignancies. To date, immunotherapies have been shown effective in many cases of melanoma and about two dozen other cancer types. The armamentarium of immune therapies has also grown to include novel therapeutic mechanisms that may have antiviral applications. Expert panelists will range beyond the current treatment horizon to cover the next act in immunotherapy, including mRNA vaccines, cell-based approaches such as TIL cell and CAR-T therapy, and what these developments mean for patients, investors, the life-sciences industry, and the outlook for cancer treatments. 

Marc Hurlbert
CEO, Melanoma Research Alliance
Gina Carithers
President, Prostate Cancer Foundation
Friedrich Graf Finckenstein
Chief Medical Officer, Iovance Biotherapeutics
Anusha Kalbasi
Associate Professor, Robert L. and Mary Ellenburg Endowed Faculty Scholar, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University School of Medicine
Connie Pfeiffer
Vice President of Medical Affairs, Immunocore
Sunil Verma
Senior Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, AstraZeneca