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Corporations Striving for a Better Tomorrow

2023 Future of Health Summit

Corporations Striving for a Better Tomorrow

Tuesday, November 7, 2023
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST
Salamander Washington DC - Gallery C

Company missions are no longer enough, with consumers wanting companies to play a broader role in society, addressing important topics such as health and wellness, sustainability, and social causes. Seemingly all aspects of healthy living have been challenged in recent years by unprecedented geopolitical uncertainty and increased health threats from infectious diseases to social health threats like the opioid epidemic, leading to massive supply chain disruption and overall system fragility. From global food systems impacted by climate change and conflict, to rebuilding and recreating a medical supply chain, to working to end the cycle of crisis and complacency that accompanies responses to a health emergency, companies have set their ambition on building a better, more resilient future. Join experts from leading food, pharma, and retail spaces, to understand how they are developing long term roadmaps for success, not just for their businesses, but for all.

Bob Cusack
Editor in Chief, The Hill Newspaper and
Michael Cantor
Chief Medical Officer, Uber Health
Everett Cunningham
Chief Commercial Officer, Exact Sciences
Sunita Mishra
Chief Medical Officer, Amazon
Ken Seitz
President and CEO, Nutrien Limited
Paul Williams
Senior Vice President, Products Business, Emergent Biosolutions