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From European Dream to Reality

2023 Global Conference

From European Dream to Reality

Wednesday, May 3, 2023
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT
Beverly Hilton - Whittier

The prospect of joining the community of European nations has always served as both a stick and a carrot for political and economic reform in Europe’s near abroad. EU membership can help propel a modernizing agenda for politicians, while the prospect of entry to the European single market has often inspired reforms in candidate countries that would have been politically difficult otherwise. As Ukraine and others look forward to realizing a dream of becoming a "normal" European country, what lessons can be learned from other candidate nations, like Turkey, whose similar European prospects have dimmed in recent years? How should international organizations, investors, and philanthropists best work together to help countries like Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia, and others put in place the prerequisites for a European future? And what might be the role of technology and entrepreneurs in helping to forge a common sense of European citizenship and a realizable vision of European sovereignty? 

Thomas Eymond-Laritaz
Founder and CEO, Highgate
Dan Chapman
Founder and CEO, Argentem Creek Partners
Benedikt Franke
Vice-Chairman and CEO, Munich Security Conference
Mircea Geoană
Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Former Romanian President of the Senate
Klaus Hommels
Founder and Chairman, Lakestar; Chair, NATO Innovation Fund
Laura Rudas
Former European Politician; Executive Vice President, Palantir Technologies