The Next Frontier in Payments and Financial Inclusion

2020 Global Conference

The Next Frontier in Payments and Financial Inclusion



October 21 at 9:15 am PDT/12:15 pm EDT


FinTech offers unparalleled opportunities for financial inclusion, on both macro and micro scales. Today, payments are embedded in platforms in ways that will upend traditional commerce; crypto payments are creating new ecosystems of inclusivity between businesses and customers; and central banks are looking at digital currency to address inclusion on a national scale. This panel discussion will run the gamut of these exciting developments.



Matt Harris
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

Aaron Klein
Fellow, Economic Studies, Brookings Institution

Neha Narula
Director, Digital Currency Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Grace Wong
Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Liven



Bill Tai
Chairperson and Founder, ACTAI Global

Published October 21, 2020