Investing in the New Normal

2020 Global Conference

Investing in the New Normal



October 16 at 7:15 am PDT/10:15 am EDT


Although the "new normal" may not be as different as many people expect, investing will be changed for the foreseeable future. After another round of quantitative easing and skyrocketing fiscal debt, policy and markets are unlikely to return to the markets of the early 2000s—or even pre-COVID. This discussion will explore the impact of the central banks' involvement across asset classes and a near-zero discount rate on asset managers, return profiles, and allocations.



Rishi Kapoor

Co-CEO, Investcorp

Michael Strobaek

Chief Global Investment Officer, Credit Suisse

Maria Vassalou

Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Vassalou Capital

Faisal Rehman

Managing Partner, SoftBank Vision Fund



James Mackintosh

Senior Columnist, Markets, The Wall Street Journal

Published October 16, 2020