Mindful Moments | Exhausted: Take a Breath with Rajshree Patel


2020 Asia Summit

Mindful Moments | Exhausted: Take a Breath with Rajshree Patel



December 10 at 2:45 pm SGT


Did you know most of us are managing our emotions wrong and we are grappling with emotional disconnection -- the other global pandemic. No one, not at home, nor in the best of universities, has taught us how to deal with negative emotions, pressure, or our own thoughts. Work, personal demands, and uncertainty in the world continue to increase. We juggle to keep up by doing more, working harder, and running on empty while sacrificing sleep, relationships, and our health to achieve more. The consequence is short term personal gain, with long term individual and collective pain. Rajshree will guide the audience in the most powerful tool -it's right under your nose- to strengthen your connection with yourself and each other. Rajshree advises, "Life when lived in its totality is great for you and good for the world .... make it your end game".


Rajshree Patel
Mind and Meditation Expert; Author, "The Power of Vital Force"

Published December 10, 2020