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Jarred Glansbeek

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Jarred Glansbeek

CEO and Chief Investment Officer, RisCura
Jarred Glansbeek

Jarred founded RisCura in 1999, a company built on the foundations of liability-driven investment (LDI) and effective institutional risk management. Jarred is highly regarded as a pioneer in today’s now widely accepted and evolved theory and practice of LDI and incorporating risk in LDI.

He has extensive understanding of quantitative portfolio techniques and complex instruments as well as judgmental and active risk management. This wealth of experience and skill in the asset management and retirement fund industries was honed in previous roles as Executive Director at two asset management companies and as consultant to some of the emerging markets’ largest institutional funds.

Now CIO of RisCura, Jarred’s main focus is ensuring RisCura’s global institutional client base receives optimal portfolio performance through investment asset class structuring specific to their needs and the best efforts and service from all their investment service providers. These skills include asset allocation globally across developed, emerging and frontier markets; manager selection, including passive and active, alternatives, listed and private assets, across all asset class categories, including equity (including VC), fixed income, money market, property and infrastructure.