The Future of Currency and the Global Financial System



The Future of Currency and the Global Financial System

John Lee
John Lee
(Senior Advisor, Capital Markets MPS/Blockchain, Accenture)

The Future of Currency and the Global Financial System

Friday, June 5, 2020 | 8:30 am (Singapore time)

The digitization of national currencies by central banks around the world could usher in a new era for finance and the international monetary system. Similarly, the rise of private digital currencies - like Bitcoin and Libra - introduces new opportunities for storing value and transacting. Together, this new era could transform everything, including the services commercial banks provide, the ability of a central bank to control money supply, and the future of USD-dominant reserves and global financial transactions. What will the impact of digital currency be on financial institutions, services, and public policy tools? Will the US dollar continue to underpin global transactions or will digitized national currencies give rise to other dominant currencies? What sort of regulations on digital currencies, public or private, can be expected? View video of the Future of Currency conference call on our website.

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John Lee

John Lee
Senior Advisor, Capital Markets MPS/Blockchain, Accenture

Panel Experts and Speakers
Shen Jianguang

Dr. Jianguang Shen
Chief Economist, JD Digits; Vice President, JD Group


Michael Hasenstab

Dr. Michael Hasenstab
CIO, Templeton Global Macro, Franklin Templeton


William Lee

Dr. William Lee
Chief Economist, Milken Institute

Published June 5, 2020