Asia Center and COVID-19


Asia Center and COVID-19

Asia After COVID-19

Mitigating COVID-19

Being nearest to the epicenter of the outbreak, our Asia Center, based in Singapore, has been galvanizing our prominent regional network and consulting with Asia Pacific’s top policy and business leaders on best practices to help companies and governments around the world.

Our goal is to identify insights and share what we learn with other policymakers across the globe as they implement plans.

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The number of people in Asia aged 65 and older—the most vulnerable demographic in the COVID-19 outbreak.


The impact on employment is likely to be substantial as services and labor-intensive manufacturing industries comprise over 80% of Asia’s informal sector and small- and medium-sized enterprises.


In a worst case scenario Asian economies would see contractions as high as 0.5%, which would drive more than 11 million people into poverty.

Our Efforts

Asia and COVID-19: Event Timeline

We have built an interactive event timeline that details the impact of COVID-19 in select locations in Asia. The timeline focuses on:

  • Public health measures implemented by Asia Pacific government leaders and public health news.

  • Financial packages and economic policies designed by Asia Pacific governments; and the impact on economies.

  • Philanthropic, aid, and corporate social responsibility efforts by the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Webinar Series

We are hosting a webinar series on “The World Post-COVID-19”, in which we will convene industry leaders, government officials, and health experts to talk about how this crisis will transform global economic, financial, and social relationships and what opportunities will be presented in this new world order.