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$1 million Grand Prize Winner: NovFeed

Milken-Motsepe Prize in AgriTech
$1 million Grand Prize Winner: NovFeed

"Imagine a future where we can solve food security issues and promote sustainable agriculture. That future is here—it’s NovFeed."

— Otaigo Elisha, Founder and Chief Operations Officer of NovFeed

The Tanzania-based company, NovFeed, was awarded the $1 million grand prize for its proprietary technology to upcycle organic waste into nutritious, sustainable, and traceable plant-based protein ingredients and concentrated natural biofertilizers for the food system. Their innovation produces sustainable high-protein feed that is 30 percent cheaper than other protein feeds traditionally available to farmers. This solution is more sustainable, and resilient to economic and climate challenges, allowing smallholder farmers to increase their incomes.