Game of Loans: America's Student Debt Crisis

Game of Loans: America's Student Debt Crisis



Federal student loans have become one of the most worrying segments of consumer credit in the economy. As tuition continues to rise and students saddle themselves with unsustainable levels of debt, the economic consequences have become evident. For example, student debt has proven to be a drag on homeownership, with millennials forced to rent or live with their parents longer than previous generations. How can we address the growing student debt crisis? What alternative models can help ensure that the cost of education is more closely tied to student outcomes?

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Helaine Olen
Blogger, Opinions, The Washington Post; Author, "Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry"



David Cooper
Chief Investment Officer, Purdue Research Foundation


Tonio DeSorrento
Co-Founder and CEO, Vemo Education


David Klein
CEO and Co-Founder, CommonBond


Tracy Palandjian
Co-Founder and CEO, Social Finance


Scott Pulsipher
President, Western Governors University