China Disrupted: The Inside View

China Disrupted: The Inside View



An inside view is required to understand that China's economic data doesn't reflect the important structural transformations within its financial system. While private investment has dipped and capital outflows have surged, China's financial institutions are operating at a world-class level. Our panel explores what this means for market stability, economic growth and business opportunities in China. Questions will include:

What's spooking private investment in China?
What indicators should investors be looking at to get an accurate view of opportunities?
China's Impossible Trinity: If asked to choose two of the three following options --independent monetary policy, free capital movement and exchange rate flexibility -- which would China pick and how would it affect investments?

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Jonathan Woetzel, Director, McKinsey Global Institute; Senior Partner, Shanghai, McKinsey & Co.

Goodwin Gaw, Founder and Managing Principal, Gaw Capital Partners
Robert Petty, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Clearwater Capital Partners
Jing Ulrich, Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Asia-Pacific, JPMorgan Chase
Kwek Ping Yong, CEO, Inventis Investment Holdings

Published July 13, 2017