The Age of Private Equity and Credit

The Age of Private Equity and Credit



Private capital markets have become a favored alternative source of company financing. In fact, the US now counts more firms owned by private equity investors than are listed on all US stock exchanges, and private credit has seen similar growth. This panel provides a deep dive into the intricacies of private investment and the future of private credit, private equity, and other alternatives. What does the future hold as the continued growth of the investable asset universe and private funds' outperformance keep attracting institutional investors? How can alternatives provide investors with an investment edge in the late cycle of the economy—and what identifies the managers that can champion these strategies?

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Jim Moglia

Vice Chair, BMO Capital Markets



Glenn August

Founder and CEO, Oak Hill Advisors


Victor Khosla

Founder and Chief Investment Officer, SVPGlobal


Greg Lippmann

Chief Investment Officer, Libremax Capital


Virginie Morgon

CEO, Eurazeo


Raymond Svider

Chairman and Partner, BC Partners