(Re)inventing Israel's Capital Markets: Financing the Transition from Startup Nation to Global Nation


By 2013, Israel’s IPO market had collapsed and 95 percent of start-ups were being sold to foreign entities. These conditions put at risk the future of local capital investment and overall economic growth in Israel.

To focus on reinventing Israel’s capital markets, the Milken Institute convened global leaders in finance and technology at a Financial Innovations Lab in Los Angeles, California in May 2013. Participants discussed ways for Israel to put mechanisms in place to finance the expansion of its high-tech companies and disruptive technologies so that they can become self-sustaining. The group further suggested that Israel provide adequate support for domestic and global financings, launch new securities and other financial products, and upgrade regulatory, institutional, and operational standards to more closely resemble top tier capital markets. The lab also examined Israel’s success in commercializing technologies and products for export as a means of strengthening its greater economic security.



May 2013

Los Angeles, California

Updated/Published October 5, 2020