Investing in America's Future: 2021 Policy Priorities and Solutions

Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States was confronted with a number of significant policy concerns. Today, working together to solve those challenges is more imperative than ever. The Milken Institute is committed to advancing policy solutions supported by both sides of the aisle that not only address our current circumstances but also ensure that all Americans can participate equitably in the post-COVID recovery. To that end, the Milken Institute is focused on Investing in America’s Future and advancing the health, finance, and economic policy priorities outlined in this report.

 The policy priorities are focused on five areas:

  • Health and Accelerating Effective Treatments and Cures

  • Finance and Strengthening Access to Capital

  • Economy and Building Resilient Communities and Businesses

  • Health and Improving Prevention and Wellness

  • Aging and Advancing Healthy Longevity and Financial Wellness

Updated/Published February 11, 2021