An Economic Road Map for Kern County


California boasts one the biggest economies in the world, yet is considered challenging for doing business. But strategically-located Kern County has proven to be an exception. Marked by its streamlined business permitting process, an abundance of open space, and relatively low living costs, Kern has displayed strong economic performance, with rates of job growth higher than the state and the nation since 2007.

Kern County’s economic prowess is not simply the result of its natural blessings, but also its smart regulatory approach. With California’s position as a leader in environmental protection, every county in the state has regulations that a company would not face in other states. Yet Kern has demonstrated that such regulations need not be too onerous if managed sensibly. This in-depth analysis of the Kern County economy includes recommendations on how the county can continue its economic trajectory, and details both the success of the past and paths for the future.

Updated/Published March 9, 2015