California's Position in Technology and Science 2010

In the crucial high-tech and science sectors, California faces competition not only from other states but also from around the world, where an increasingly well-educated workforce is eager for technology jobs. California's technology industries are still gaining ground, but the state's eroding investment in education may put the brakes on those sectors, potentially stunting California's growth for years to come.

According to this Milken Institute report, the state still ranks fourth in the nation, but the gap between California and top-ranked Massachusetts continues to grow. The index, the Institute's fourth since 2002, is a bellwether of the state's economic performance, which relies heavily on its vital tech and science assets. A complement to the Institute's national State Technology and Science Index 2010, the California version provides key stakeholders with direct evidence of how the state is faring in the sectors that are most likely to impact the state's future economic position.

Published April 1, 2014