Engaging Patients in Research


Engaging Patients in Research

Developing a comprehensive approach to placing patients in the center of the biomedical research system

Engage Patients Through Health Data

FasterCures is developing a comprehensive approach to placing patients in the center of the biomedical research system. Their experiences, data, and insights should inform the R&D process from beginning to end.

How do we do it?

By developing approaches to health data, including:

  • Greater standardization and transparency to empower patient donation of health data
  • A data donation framework that facilitates patients’ connection to clinical trials and research
  • Increasing capacity among patient organizations to partner, fund, and build data resources that are of high quality and able to be integrated with networks
  • Develop and support adoption of a standardized framework to house all relevant disease-specific data that are needed from patient organizations by stakeholders across the healthcare continuum
  • Reduce disease-specific data collection, sharing, and requesting burden for all stakeholders across the health continuum
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