Accelerating Innovation

Accelerating Innovation

Using data and technology to deliver the next generation of targeted treatments

Accelerating Innovation to Develop Patient-Centered Solutions

• FasterCures is building a community of stakeholders to define and map the ideal learning health systems in biomedical innovation with the goal of identifying and disseminating best practices and measuring the performance of the biomedical ecosystem including policy solutions

How do we do it?

• Health Data: FasterCures is analyzing the role of new tech actors and big data platforms to identify the ideal design of a system for health data donation that enables health data to flow efficiently and used to accelerate research, derive new insights, foster the development of products.
• Biomedical Innovation Dashboard: FasterCures is working in collaboration with HHS including FDA, NIH and CMS to develop a scorecard that measures the performance of the biomedical innovation ecosystem.
• Oncology Case Study: FasterCures and the Center for Public Health are embarking on a project to better understand the performance of the biomedical innovation ecosystem for patients, with oncology as a case study. Oncology has made incredible gains in recent years, and can potentially serve as a model for accelerating innovation to patients in some areas.
• Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): FasterCures aims to bring together stakeholders from across the AMR space to explore that key question – what would an “ideal” system look like that will sustainably and seamlessly bring new antibiotics to patients while minimizing the development of resistance

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