Ep. 16: The Translator, with PCF’s Jonathan Simons


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Ep. 16: The Translator, with PCF’s Jonathan Simons

Michael Milken
Michael Milken
Chairman, Milken Institute

Episode 16 : The Translator, with PCF’s Jonathan Simons

Johnathan Simons

President and CEO, Prostate Cancer Foundation

“This is why we all went into medicine—for moments like this where we come together.”

For Jonathan Simons and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, global collaboration and team science were a way of life long before the pandemic. The organization’s support of groundbreaking science has changed our understanding of cancer—from organ-specific to mutation-specific—and has thus translated into effective solutions for patients across more than 70 forms of the disease. 

The hard-won lessons from the war on cancer, Simons believes, will be crucial to solving COVID-19. And he predicts that what we learn from the current surge of collaborative research will save lives from other diseases long into the future.

Published April 20, 2020