Ep. 122: New Dimensions, with HP’s Enrique Lores


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Ep. 122: New Dimensions, with HP’s Enrique Lores

Mike Milken
Mike Milken
Chairman, Milken Institute

Episode 122 : New Dimensions, with HP’s Enrique Lores

Enrique Lores

President & CEO, HP Inc.

“We all have learned the things that a few months ago we thought were not possible were really possible....As I think about manufacturing, I think about two big changes. First is the creation of more decentralized manufacturing networks, where companies will be able to produce closer...to where their customers will be. The second big change will be driven by personalization.”

After launching his 30-year career at HP with an internship, Enrique Lores was named CEO in November 2019. In between, he learned virtually every facet of the iconic company, helping it achieve its current status as a leader in the technology sector. For HP’s future, the Madrid-born Lores sees increasing market share in the biomedical sector, as personalized medicine drives demand for 3D printing.

“We are building microprocessors for fluids,” he tells Mike, “and with them we will be able to do diagnostics and measure and identify potential diseases. We will also be able to create personalized medicine. So if you are going through a difficult treatment, we will be able to create a specific medicine designed only for you, and that medicine will be built in your home, at your home. That ability and option to drive the democratization of the healthcare space is one of the most inspiring efforts that we have in the company. Not only because of the business it will create, but also because of the impact it will have in the world.”

Published January 26, 2021