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FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute, is currently tracking the development of treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 (coronavirus).

This tracker contains an aggregation of publicly-available information from validated sources. It is divided into filterable and sortable tabs, with each tab dedicated to a different area of research: one offers the overarching outlook of all treatments and vaccines, one tracks treatments, one tracks vaccines, and so on. There is also a section where all of the data is collated and visualized via charts and graphs. The document is designed to be explored and organized for easy reference, plus it can be downloaded for offline use.

The tracker is not an endorsement of one approach or treatment over another, but simply a list of treatments and vaccines currently in development. Given the immediacy of the current public health emergency, we believe it is important to make the data accessible to the public in its current form.

This overview will be updated as new findings come to light. We ask that you check this page on a regular basis.


Given the urgency in the field of medical research to solve for successful treatments in vaccines for the virus, we've made this compilation available for download by viewing the document and downloading from the File tab.

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