Resilient Infrastructure Financing Initiative (RIFI)

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Resilient Infrastructure Financing Initiative (RIFI)

Facing a massive funding shortfall at the state and local level for critical infrastructure needs in years to come, the Center for Financial Markets (CFM)’s Resilient Infrastructure Financing Initiative advances innovative policies and best practices to jumpstart a pipeline of shovel- and investment-ready resilient infrastructure projects. This initiative seeks to accelerate positive economic and health outcomes for American communities, mitigate the risks and costs of extreme weather events to United States taxpayers, and address critical post-COVID infrastructure needs, including broadband access for distance learning and health. How we do it:

Breakthrough Policy Innovation and Research

The funding gap for community infrastructure and resilience needs was already trillions of dollars before the COVID-19 crisis. Because local infrastructure needs and natural resources differ—and 2/3 of US infrastructure is funded locally—we believe the best way to close the funding gap is through a series of bottom-up reforms to address local capacity and barriers impeding greater use of impact capital and community-led partnerships. Learn More:

•  The Case for an Infrastructure Predevelopment Fund 
•  Acceleration for America Issue Brief 3 

Best Practices, Partnerships, and Training Events

We conduct regional public-sector training sessions with partners to help build public-sector innovation capacity to accelerate the development of a pipeline of “investment-ready” projects for job creation, resilient and post-COVID infrastructure needs and other critical local economic development objectives. Learn more:

•  UFI Series