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Improving lives and strengthening societies by promoting healthy, productive, and purposeful aging

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Reducing the Cost and Risk of Dementia

An in-depth analysis on the value of brain health and the effects of dementia on diverse communities.

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What We Do (Mission)

What We Do (Mission)

Mission Title
What We Do

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Population aging – the massive demographic shift – is changing lives and institutions across the world. Globally, the number of people age 60 and over is projected to leap from about 900 million to more than 2 billion by mid-century. The future of aging will be different for individuals, families, businesses, communities, and societies. Now is the time to plan – and act.

(Center) Statistics Header

(Center) Statistics Header

By the Numbers

(Center) Statistics


The global 60-plus population will double to more than two billion by 2050


Older adults dominate 119 of 123 consumer packaged-goods categories


By 2024, one in four American workers will be 55-plus

Longevity Innovators Series

Advances in science and public health are increasing longevity and enhancing the quality of life for millions around the world. In our Longevity Innovators interview series, eighteen visionaries reveal exciting trends and insights regarding healthy longevity, sharing their visions for a better future.

Our Mission

Improve lives and strengthen societies by promoting healthy, productive, and purposeful aging. We work to advance our mission by:

  • Evaluating policies and practices, innovative models, and potential solutions to enhance health, well-being, and opportunity across the lifespan.
  • Elevating awareness by convening and partnering with influential decision-makers and media leaders to change perception and motivate action.  
  • Advocating for change in the public and private sectors to ensure a better future for today’s older adults and for generations to come.

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